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       Hello, I'm Captain Ryan Taylor. I've been an avid fisherman and hunter all my life. I was born in Indiana. 

       I didn't get the over protected upbringing that most kids get these days. By the time I was 10 years old I was 100% independent in my outdoor adventures. I would wade the creeks and rivers chasing smallmouth bass from sunrise to sunset. After school I'd go through the front door, right out the back, and straight to the creek.

      It was that independence and hunger for adventure that kept me out of trouble.

     In 2001 at the age of 12 we moved to Minnesota where for 3 years I was in an outdoor adventure paradise. We lived 30 mins from the nearest town, just a mile to the nearest lake, and just another mile to the next lake. With my four-wheeler I would haul a little 14' V bottom aluminum boat down to the lake where I would fish countless hours about every day. In the winter I would fish all day and even spend the night in my ice house alone. 

        It was in MN that I first introduced myself  to duck hunting. I was just a boy with limited resources, but I always found a way. My duck hunting setup was an inflatable raft with burlap draped over it. No decoys I would get to the lake early and setup to shoot passing ducks headed to someone else's spread. I upset some guys to say the least. 

        We left Minnesota when I was 14 years old, and it broke my heart. I was living back in Indiana, but I started spending summers in North Carolina with my uncle, Mike Taylor who had just started his charter fishing career. I knew exactly what I was going to be when I grew up.

        At the beginning of my senior year of high school I moved to NC away from my parents to graduate and learn the waters my uncle Mike knew so well. Back then Mike and I would fish a few days a week. He'd take me after school or after his charters and I would try learn everything he was doing to catch so many fish. 

        After graduating I moved back to Indiana temporarily to pursue a girl who I was still stuck on since leaving the year before. Plan was to marry that girl and bring her back to North Carolina and live happily ever after as a charter captain.

     The plan worked. I married Miranda at age 20. 

      Five years passed by fast, hurricane Florence hit the east coast hard in 2018. All of the sudden the opportunity to start a marine construction company in NC became too good to pass up, and the dream of becoming a charter captain rekindled. 

 With full support from my family and that "make it happen" mentality, we loaded up and said goodbye to Indiana.

       I graduated the USCG captains course March 2019 at almost 30 years old.  A 15 year dream was reality. You couldn't convince me that God hasn't loved me and blessed me if your life depended on it. I truly am living the dream.

        Having an uncle like Capt. Mike Taylor really helped too. His level of professionalism is arguably unmatched, and has set the bar for the captain I aim to be. Captain Jeff Cronk is also another mentor of mine that has taught me decades of fishery knowledge. I have fished and won redfish and trout tournaments with him just like I have Capt. Mike. He is always there to share intel of where and how to fish. Having two of the best charter captains to teach me what they know has certainly made me into a professional captain and guide.


      So, that was a lengthy read. A lot of history and hopefully some understanding of who you'll be fishing or hunting with. To sum it up. I grew up with a lot of drive and passion for the outdoors. Then after all those years of adventuring on my own, I was blessed to be able to learn from the best and become the professional fisherman and guide that I am today.  

      Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to sharing an adventure with you.

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